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Zack and Kelly Wedding

July 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Boy oh Boy...where do I start with these two.  How about talking about how utterly in love and awesome they are!? This couple has been together quite a long time but just by meeting and knowing Kelly...I know Zack was thinking that she was definitely worth the wait!  Kelly recently has finished Physical Therapy school and has begun working as a Physical Therapist.  

I first met Kelly and Zack at one of my weddings that I did for a previous bride and groom, Jessi and Jason, last summer.  We talked for a while at the reception and they had told me that they would be contacting me in the next couple months to book their wedding...which at the time seemed like it was so far away!  Sure enough I recieved a message from Kelly talking about their Wine bottle inspired wedding and how she was so excited to finally start the planning!  

Later that year we took their engagement photos and had an absolute blast!  From that 90 minute session we had that night...I could feel the love between the two grow and grow through out the session just talking about all their wedding and future plans/goals.  

Finally..which seemed like forever, May 30th had come around!!  The morning started off with a few sprinkles when I arrived at the salon.  Kelly had pulled me asside at the Salon to notify me that people might be a tad bit more emotional today because her grandfather had passed away that morning.  My heart strings pulled and tugged as I tried to think about how difficult the day must be for their family.  But what other way to spend it than being with family and coming together for for the joining of Kelly and Zack.  Her grandfather made a promise to Kelly that he would be there.  And he showed up the only way he knew spirit watching from the best seat in the house!  When we stepped outside for photos after the ceremony the skies cleared and the sun was shining extremely bright!  Kelly and her brother looked at eachother and had that look that "Grandpa was there!"

Kelly and Zack had one of the largest bridal parties I've worked with and let me tell you...they sure were FUN to work with!  They had me laughing and taking the funniest photos that they could come up with!  It was so awesome to see such a great group of people standing beside Kelly and Zack as they say their 'i do's'.  

The night ended with a pretty amazing reception.  Amazing food...drinks...cupcakes...centerpieces..speeches...dances and even some awesome dirty dancing moves proided by a couple in the wedding party!  Speaking of that couple...a little funny story about them :)  We were in the hall preparing for grand march when every other couple was practicing their dance moves while the two of them stood there quietly by the door.  I asked if they knew what they were doing and they both looked at eachother with a huge grin.  He goes, "Lets just say it was inspired by Dirty Dancing".  She follows with, "Make sure to capture our every move because I have a feeling it wont end well."  I asked why. She responded with, "Well...first off we've never practiced this before and we've had a little bit to drink." and they both start laughing as the DJ started to announce the couples.  I got in my place and when it was their turn he ran out...then she ran out...he lifted her and they NAILED the pose with the crowd going wild!!  I have to of the best bridal party entrances I've seen to date!!  

ANYWAYS....Kelly and Zack...thank you SO much for letting me capture your special memories!  You are a beautiful couple and I only wish for nothing but the best for you two!!


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