What should I wear?

   Wear something comfortable!  You want your photos to portray YOU!  Does that mean jeans with stains and holes with a flannel?  If you want to...SURE! But, if you would like to look neat and comfortable...grab a pair of nice jeans and pear with a nice top.  Try and stay away from busy prints (polka dots, thin stripes, small floral prints etc) because they tend to take away from the most important part of the photo...YOU!  If you are planning for a family, select 3 or 4 different colors that go well together and select outfits with those colors!  You do NOT need to match.  If you need any help...please dont hesitate to ask or even look up ideas online!  Also, stick away from neon/highlighter colors.  Camera's tend to photograph that color funny and the bright colors reflect back onto your face and might give you a pink or yellow tint ;)  


What if its' raining?

     If the weather is crappy outside we might be able to wait out the storm.  If the weather does not get nice enough to take photos, we will have to reschedule.  There will be no extra cost added. 


How long does it take to get photos back?

    Typically for a regular portrait session it takes 2-3 weeks.  


Where are good places to order my photos from?

   DO NOT GO TO WALMART...WALGREENS or any other one hour photo lab.  Are they convenient...heck yes.  Are their photos terrible...heck YES!  I always suggest mpix.com.  Their prices are SUPER AWESOME!  And their quality is even better.  You're paying for photos to be displayed in your home right?  Would you hang garbage on your wall?  Probably not...so why not wait an extra few days to get quality work to show off your awesome portraits!


Isnt mpix.com expensive?  

     NO!  In the end...mpix can be cheaper.  Their larger prints are cheaper!!  Walmart's 4x6 prints are 9 cents.  Mpix is 19 cents.  For 10 cents more you are getting 10000x better quality!  Any questions on the ordering process...please let me know!  I'd be happy to help!


What do I bring to a session?

     Yourself of course!  A smiling face would be the cherry on top!  Typically all I ask is for clients to bring themself and any outfits they'd like to bring.  Some families like to incorporate props into their photos (footballs, baseballs, sporting equipment, family quilts etc.).  I even had a client use a rocking chair made by the childs great great grand father when he was a teenager.  It definitely added a personal touch to the photos!  


Do you edit the photos?

     Yes.  I digitally enhance each image that is given to you.  I dont necessarily edit a ton because I dont like changing someones beauty I like to enhance what they already have.  Does that mean if you have a zit and you want it taken out I wont...absolutly not.  If your face decides to give you a little present the morning of your session and makeup just doesnt cover it...I will do my very best to rid of those darn things!  


How many images do I get?

     Regular sessions are always guaranteed 20 digitally enhanced images.  Depending on how many outfits, poses and locations we go to as well as the weather will help determine the number of photographs you will receive.  I do not set a strict number on the amount of photographs you will get.  


How much do you charge?

     If you would like to message me for that information I can give you a better quote and understanding of the price list!  I look forward to hearing from you!


Do you travel?

     I SURE DO!  And I LOVE new locations!  There may be a traveling fee depending on where you'd like me to travel.  


What is required to book a session?

     A $25.00 non refundable deposit is required to be put down.  The deposit will go towards your ending balance


What if I have to cancel?

    I understand things happen, its life!  Please give me as much notice as possible if you have to cancel or reschedule.  If you do have to reschedule the $25.00 non refundable deposit will not be refunded.  


What if you have to cancel?

     I have only had to cancel a session once and that was due to a family emergency.  I will always try my hardest to show up to every session.  If I ever to have to cancel, the $25.00 non refundable deposit will be refunded or can be used for another session date. 


Do you offer mini sessions?

     Yes I do!  Mini sessions are at a discounted price and are 20-25 minutes long.  Minis can be used at any time!  I may have themed minis once in a while depending on interest.  


How do I go about booking with you?

     Great question!  Go ahead and shoot me a message letting me know what kind of session you're interested in as well as when you were interested and we can then determine a day that works best for both of us!